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The exterior facade of one’s home is critical to resale value as well as to the general sense of pride of ownership for most home owners.

If your home looks run down and dilapidated it will lower the resale value of the homes in your neighborhood, including yours, let alone leave an eye sore for you to come home to everyday. For most people this doesn’t reflect well on ourselves and doesn’t leave us feeling very good about ourselves.

In addition, having to maintain the exterior of our homes by painting every 5-7 years on average gets wearisome and very costly.

Considering that an average paint job runs around $2,500-$3,500, over a span of 15 years the average homeowner would spend approximately $10,000-$14,000 with four paint jobs.

In addition, your home does not appreciate one dime more in value because you painted it!

What is more is that painting does absolutely nothing towards insulative properties of your home. New insulated vinyl siding will recover additional “R” value ratings to the exterior walls of your home thus saving money. And because adding siding enhances curb appeal it adds value to your home and eliminates the need to paint forever! The end result is that it pays itself off very handsomely very quickly.

But vinyl siding is only one of the new exterior facades that we offer our customers. The others are concrete board siding and wood or wood by-products. Each product has its advantages and disadvantages.

Give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment to have one of our trained and experienced field representatives come out and inspect your home to determine which product may be right for you.

Whichever product you select you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the finished project. Our skilled craftsmen will give you the peace of mind to know that it will be done right the first time. Our staff of service personnel will make you feel like you are the kings and queens of your castles.

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