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 Solar Attic Fans 

In spite of having attic insulation to code requirements and even utilizing the thermal multi-layer reflective barrier, most attics will still remain warmer than the average ambient temperature throughout the house. In addition, many attics are poorly ventilated, let alone the fact that heat rises. Therefore, the average temperature in the attic will always be higher than in the main living areas.

But by providing better attic ventilation with the installation of a solar attic fan, and combined with the multi-layer thermal reflective barrier and to code attic insulation, radiant heat gain in the attic space can be dropped considerably, in many cases by several tens of degrees. It is not uncommon to see temperatures drop from around the 150 degree ranges to as little as in the 90’s in the summer months, depending upon a number of factors.

The advantage of installing a solar attic fan as opposed to an electric one is obvious. Energy savings is the biggest reason, but also the fire hazard of an electric fan is something to be seriously considered. And with the tax credits associated with the solar powered attic fan (up to a 30% tax credit) it pays for itself very quickly when one adds into the equation the energy saving that will be enjoyed with a cooler attic, and thus a cooler home. 

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