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 Testimonials from satisfied clients of Energy Solutions of America, LLC 

I want to tell you of my satisfaction with the siding which you installed and to let you know of the excellent job done by your workmen. The crew was courteous, friendly and professional. The job site was kept clean of debris each day.

Some of my neighbors have been by admiring the way my house looks. I have given your name to these friends and hope they will be contacting you.

Phyllis Reynolds

This is just a quick note to relate my wife and my recent experience having our home sided by your company.

Upon agreeing to have our home sided by your company, we related to Bob Rosanbalm that we were planning to travel to the east coast within a month. Mr. Rosanbalm related this fact to the scheduling department and they expedited ordering the necessary materials and fitted us into an early work slot, thus allowing the job to be completed before we left on our trip.

Despite the rush to complete the job on our schedule, the work was done with unexpected precision and artisanship. There was no corner cutting done to make the job go faster and, in fact, the detail work far exceeded our expectations, which brings me to your workers.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have gotten two of the finest and, I must say, conscientious artisans we have ever had to do work for us on any home we have ever owned. Both were good natured and accommodating. They truly are anomalies in our historical experience, arriving at their expected hour and leaving well past any hour considered a normal end-of-day (7:30pm most every day).

The job was estimated by Mr. Rosanbalm to take two weeks time, start to finish, full time, without interruption, and the installers completed it in just five days, albeit very long days…to more than our complete satisfaction.

Now, if your product stands up to the vagaries of Wyoming’s worst weather, as we fully expect it will, you will have earned, through the workers that your company is comprised of, two more happy customers that will gladly recommend you to anyone we hear of needing your services.

In closing, Bob, you have a good team in place as I write this note and I hope that you’ll continue with a winning setup, but also that you appreciate who you’ve got representing you in your customer’s eyes. Our hats off to the work ethic and satisfaction your installers brought into our lives and our hats off to the entire Energy Solutions of America organization.

Dick Hubbard

I was approached by a door-to-door representative. I was very interested in the energy savings program that Bob put together for me that would help cut my utility bills by around 30% if I utilizing his full energy program.

I had my siding done, new front and back door put in, new windows, insulation and the energy audit. I had just purchased this house in November so there were lots of surprises. Bob made sure to touch base with all the contractors to make sure they were at my house when we scheduled them. Bob also was able to refer me to some great people for financing the project. I had some time between financing and the construction so after researching compatible companies with similar product lines I found that going with Bob I saved around $5,300 on the overall project.

After the work was done, Bob did his inspection and followed up to make sure that things he found he didn’t like would get fixed. I had been doing hobby construction for 20+ years and Bob found things that even I overlooked.

I have not seen such great dedication and professionalism in a long time in the Denver metro area. He has a team of people who want to work for their money and want to make me happy. I could have not made a better choice and would not have changed a thing.

David Blanscet
Littleton, Colorado

First, we usually flatly refuse phone solicitations, but your caller managed to get my wife to listen.

Second, I almost never "sign on the line" without comparison shopping and doing research. Between the call and the appointment with Bob Rosanbalm, I did check into their product line and found it had a good reputation, but Bob presented your products and services as a really compelling value. I signed the contract and waited for the next steps. The energy audit and the attic insulation were scheduled by Mark who came by to estimate the siding all within a couple of days.


Mark arranged delivery of 47 squares of siding and his crew started the next day. In two days they were done with the siding and came the third day to clean up. I was totally and thoroughly impressed with Mark and his crew. They attended to every detail and solved every problem. His crew was the hardest working group of guys I have seen.

e workers arrived between 8:30 and 9:00 in the morning and worked until dark each day with only a very brief lunch break. I am not sure his team really needed it, but Mark was present virtually the whole time to supervise. Mark kept us informed of every step and made it very clear that his goal was our complete satisfaction

We ended up very satisfied! The house looks great and the experience was virtually painless! One scheduling improvement suggestion: It would have been really useful to have had the Energy Audit results before the insulation team came. The audit showed some cold spots that took a little investigating and will require the insulation guys to come back. Toby said he would be willing to do that, but it would have saved them a trip if I had the Energy Audit before they came.

Thank you very much,

Randy & Edie Stout

On March 26, 2011 we met with Bob after talking with a door-to-door representative from Energy Solutions of America (ESA). Bob was very forthright in explaining that we were his first meeting and that he was starting a new company to provide windows and siding in the Denver area.

We were a little hesitant to work with an upstart company, but after talking with Bob for several hours and seeing the evidence of his professionalism we decided to contract with ESA for siding for our house. After he measured our house, he presented us with the cost estimates and while they were not the cheapest, they were also not the most exp
ensive (based on research on siding costs in the area), but were right in the middle. Bob assembled a group to do the siding installation and they arrived as expected and the job was completed in about 3 days (from April 4 - April 6 2011), which seemed like an impossible task considering the size of our house, We got exactly what we contracted for and all costs were as promised with no hidden costs or surprises.

We felt that Bob dealt honestly and with
integrity and he was directly involved with the project from start to finish, and we felt that our satisfaction was important. We were very comfortable working with Bob and the team that he put together was very professional, friendly and responsive to our needs and requests. Our house now looks like new and we have noticed that the furnace does not turn on as often and the temperature in the house is more consistent. The attention to detail was also noticeable and the siding was nicely done, the window and porch trim was clean, soffits, plugs and lights etc. were also finished nicely.

feel very confident that the job was done right and know that if we have questions or problems we can call Bob and it will be taken care of. We recommend ESA. With Bob's experience in managing the project and the team that worked on our house, we are well pleased.


Earl and Brooke Burba
Morrison, Colorado

Energy Solutions of America, LLC

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